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Groundwater Consulting Services owns an extensive range of new or near-new calibrated instrumentation and technical equipment to help us to assess your groundwater resource.
Our equipment stock has been developed to provide the capability to collect high-frequency, accurate measurements of water quality, water levels and flow rates, as well as bore locations and elevations.  Instrumentation of pumping tests and investigations enables reduced field time and increases the volume and integrity of data.  The better the data, the deeper our understanding of your aquifer.
We have a full complement of pumping test instrumentation (ultrasonic and mechanical flowmeters, water quality loggers and water pressure loggers) to provide tightly controlled pumping tests.  External influences including barometric, tidal and local rainfall effects can be measured and corrected. Dataloggers can be operated as stand-alone units or with telemetric data transfer (radio, mobile phone or satellite links).
Downhole salinity loggers enable diagnosis of brackish zones in deep bores (up to 220m below water), which enables remedial works to be undertaken.   These units have been used to investigate the coastal saline groundwater interface.
Travel to sites across Australia or overseas by modern four-wheel drive (mine-site equipped), company light aircraft, or commercial airline.

A mobile office with full communications facilities including wireless and satellite data and voice communications can be established anywhere.



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