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Assisted numerous groundwater users through the regulatory compliance process, from investigation and reporting to the issue of a Licence to Take Water, and the ongoing aquifer management.

Investigated aquifers, and interactions between bores and the environment, to develop borefields that will minimize impact of irrigation pumping.

Project managed groundwater investigation projects, including subconsultant hydrogeologists and drilling/testing contractors, on behalf of mining companies.

Designed, installed and commissioned production and monitoring borefields in sedimentary, karstic and fractured rock aquifers.

Found and developed groundwater supplies in difficult areas by interpretation of aerial photography and remote sensing data..

Reviewed existing projects and borefield records to optimise bore yield and water quality, and to minimise environmental impacts and operating costs.

Consulted with the regulator and community stakeholders to provide factual hydrogeological information to a varied audience to develop a positive working relationship



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