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Understanding – let us conduct the investigations that help us to measure and then explain the properties and dynamics of your aquifer system.  For development and protection of the aquifer, which enables you to develop and protect your project.

Development – we can find and produce the water supply when it is needed. We have developed supplies at all scales, from small drinking supplies to large irrigation or mining supplies.  We can target the freshest water in the area for potable use, the highest yield, smallest environmental impact, or the lowest pumping costs.

Management – control of excess groundwater or poor quality groundwater in civil or mining dewatering applications.

Regulation – interaction with the regulator to ensure that we all share a common understanding of your aquifer system and how to get the best out of it. Design and submission of Hydrogeological Assessments and Operating and Monitoring Strategies that fulfill the needs of the regulator, whilst protecting your project interests.

Environment – understanding the hydrogeology of a site can enable rigorous protection of sensitive groundwater-dependent ecosystems without unduly compromising land or groundwater use.  We can show you how the groundwater system works, and what the real threats are.  Let us investigate the hydrogeology for your contaminated site so that you can manage and remediate it effectively.

Cross-discipline – combining academic ability with on-ground practicality – including instrumentation installation, bore design and drilling methodology, we have the ability to talk about and consider the issues outside of hydrogeology that may affect your project.  We have a strong field-data focus, as the information from your aquifer tells us how to protect and utilise it best.



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